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Eddie From Ohio


The Bird

What then on God's paved Earth
could you be thinking of?
I'm so benign and kind
an ambassador of love
I've got good will, nice teeth
and plus the right of way
Then who are you to act
in such an evil way

My clutch is dead, my face is red
I wish I were back home in bed
I've got this picture perfect village
that resides inside my head
But I'm awoken by your horn
and an angry middle finger instead

Don't give me the bird
Just shake your fist
Don't utter a word - just blow me a kiss
We're all in this together
We're birds of a feather
But not that bird, I love you

Is it just me to think
what could I've ever done
You've got one branch,
five twigs and wanna loan me one
I got here first,
you're in my path
You're in my life,
you're in the wrong
Keep your gesture to yourself,
look ahead and move along

With feet of lead, I bet you said
Why did I stop I should have sped
I am a Polyanna remake
and can you believe unwed?
My heart is broken by your horn
And your angry middle finger instead


London's got the Vs,
L.A.'s got the gun
Philly snaps its elbow
at almost anyone
Arabs thumb their teeth,
Italians flip their chin
Always good to know
what country you are in

I'm not that old, not that young,  
And I don't partake in rage
I pray for peace, I brake for dogs
And always act my age
About my age, this is why
I react to you this way
Don't flip me off, no, not now
My birthday is today

You've cussed and bled,
and have just said
My brand of chivalry is dead
But I am the Bluebird of Happiness
No words are spoken,
just your horn  
And your angry middle finger instead!



(Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP)