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Eddie From Ohio


Clear and Present Danger

I don't mean to wake you,  
but I can't sleep again
And honey I've been thinking,  
the mind does tricks at 4 AM
It's a big dark secret    
hanging heavy in the air
And you pretend that you don't notice    
like it isn't even there

In the deep blue night   I sleep next to a stranger
Honey open your eyes to the clear and present danger

It tickles like a feather,
it's as watchful as a sin
I think we're gonna have some weather,
before the final judgment's in
It's a cold gray moment,  
moving in and out of form
And it seems as if our whole life
is just the calm before the storm


And honey I do love you,
that is one thing that I know
But every person has a face,
that they never reall show
I could seize this moment
while every demon's making sense
Or I could wait until the morning,
we'll have a laugh at my expense


(Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP)