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Eddie From Ohio



I'm kind of small for my age
But I've learned to be so quiet
Did you know that if you're quiet enough
You become invisible

Ours is a family of three
There's my mom, dad and me
And I'm the only one who's quiet
I wish they'd shut up and try it

So don't underestimate me
I'm seven years tall
And all that I need
Is a cape and a mask

I'm kind of smart for my age
It's only a gift if you use it
It don't choose you, you must choose it
And I choose ordinary
I'm a very ordinary canary

Now my legs don't work so well
When I was two and a half I fell
Now I'm just a slowpoke
Mom says to keep that an inside joke


And there's no one in this world
Who can tell I'm undercover
They'll have to tell each other
One day
One day
I knew him when



(Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP)