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Eddie From Ohio


Lady Freedom

Did you know our skyline's low
No one should stand taller than her
Pious vertical refrain
I wonder if anyone notices her
I must admit if I'm not looking ahead
I'm staring down or just the other way
Is it me or since she came down
Does she now face the other way?

I dream I'm Lady Freedom
Standing on a dome
And I have a westward vision And yes
I can see your home
I see to California
to Anchorage and Nome
And the back of a head of a woman
Her plume could use a comb It's me - Lady Freedom
Do you miss me while I'm gone?

Have you heard the whirlybird
Pulling Lady off of her perch?
Call it her sabbatical
I saw it all on my way to work
I 2nd guess, and I double take,
I should triple think but not look away
Am I mad but since she came down
Does she now face the other way?

I Dream I'm Lady Freedom
Lifted off a dome
I see a rolling quilted vista
And there's your brother's home
I seem to dwarf the groundlings
Must be their Mother Gnome
And the pen in the hand of a woman
Wrote a most inspired poem
'Bout me, Lady Freedom
Do you notice that I'm gone?

That I'm gone?

I just learned of her return
Looks like Freedom's back from her break
This new change in attitude
reminds me She's not there for her sake
I must admit that when she came down
I didn't think she went away
Am I mad or since she came back
Do I view things a different way?

I dream I'm Lady Freedom
Back upon the dome
And I have an eastward vision
And yes, there are fewer homes
I see the Taj Mahal,
and St. Peter's in Rome
And the back of the head of a woman
Shining like she's chrome It's me - Lady Freedom
Standing on a dome


(Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP)