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Eddie From Ohio


20,000 Hearts

First we lived in India- in winter it rains there every day
We were younger then, we were children in India
There were signs and people we'd never understand,
You said, "hold my hand," and I held your hand

There is one of me, and one of you
and two of us with one hundred questions
and two thousand reasons, but ten's a perfect number
We are twenty thousand hearts full of hunger
Twenty thousand hearts

Then we're dancing in Geneva- it's New Year's Eve
and all the Americans were there
They said "it's still last year in New York City"
You said, "New York where?"
I said, "New York City- it's three thousand miles away"
You said, "what's a mile?" I said, "It's far away"


Now you ask me to explain myself
and I tell you I need distance
You say, "To hell with distance, remember who
you're talking to"
I say, "Closeness is too much for me,"
and dismiss you with a smile
You say, "Wish away the closeness
and imagine it's a mile"



Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1999