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Eddie From Ohio


Fifth of July

Looking out the fishbowl at this Beethoven bust
ever since the canine no one's lookin at us
but I bet with a running start we could leap
out of the water
a two foot drop to the oriental rug and no one
would be bothered
We could flip and flop across the hardwood floor
hold our breath through the lawn
the bust now sits where a globe used to be
Canada should be at the end of this street
and Lake Louise is where I wanna be

It's the fifth of July- feelin independent
Please step aside- the celebration's over
We're on our own for the first of our lives
on the fifth of July- now what?

Lookin out the kennel at the dying oak tree
ever since the newborn no one's looking at me
but I bet with these incisors I could gnaw
right through this lead
a two mile run to the county line
a two state run to the sea
I could run through the briars and the brambles
Where a rabbit wouldn't go
So fast, the hounds couldn't catch me
Like a Johnny Horton show
And anywhere is where I wanna be


one if by land two if by sea
three if by phone or facsimile
four if by plane five if by boat
six if bilingual seven by goat
eight by ten glossies of me

Lookin out the bedroom at the snowy TV
ever since commencement no one's askin 'bout me
but I bet before the night falls I could catch the late bus
take small provisions and this Beethoven bust
I could find work in the outskirts of the city
eat some fish on way
befriend an old dog for a roadside pal
find a nice couch to stay- a pull-out sofa if you please



Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1999