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Eddie From Ohio


Betty Don't Use That Gun

she crouched in the corner of her room
her knees tucked beneath her chin
and her eyes fixed on the radio
they couldn't play the song too soon
she'd put her request in
she should have done this long ago
now the hands on her clock
keep growing bigger
her finger tightens on the trigger…

betty don't use that gun
the jokes over this ain't for fun
you're gonna put all this behind you
betty don't use that gun
you know you're not the only one
they'll make you famous
when they find you

the paper didn't give a reason why
she didn't leave a note
but she taped smokey off the radio
the tracks of her tears
were her goodbye
and on the wall she wrote
take a good look at my face
now I gotta go
now the darkness poises to invade her
and death awaits her in the chamber



Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1993