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Eddie From Ohio


How Far to the Water

I do thirst, and I do crave, I want to climb
to the top of the mountains
in bourbon rain
I have read, and I have seen, I want to
drink the shine of the mountains
from my canteen

how far to the water
cuz every well in this county's dry
the cup that I brought her
gone and vanished before my eyes
how far to the water
know this caravan won't turn around
a cowgirl's claim a cowboy's name
were both the shame
of that one horse town

the vines of france the grapes of spain
a dance in the fountain
of pink champagne
virginia wolfe, viginia g.
a dance in the fountains of long iced tea


forty days the sun beat down
forty nights never cooled down
forty days I cut my hands
forty nights on the rocks of the land
my faith is beginning to sink
please missy can I have a drink

I do thirst the vines of france and
I do crave the grapes of spain
but I well settle for a dance
in the fountains of virgin rain
I have read virginia wolfe and
I have drank virginia g
but I will take a bath in your
fountains let my soul free



Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1993