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Eddie From Ohio


Imagine Me

imagine me a spark
to spark your imagination
park it at your center
lock it with your china
imagine me a flame
a flame in your cathedral
the name of your secret
breathing in your air

I am wood and steel
would you take me in
put me in your pocket and your hand
I'm the music and the feeling
and the reeling in your head
I'm hopeful and empty
words you never said
imagine me imagine me

imagine me so small
to fit within your laughter
sit beneath your sorrow
waiting with your china
imagine me a fire
a fire in your footsteps
the lyre on your lips
desire in your bones
imagine me a spark
a spark's to light your flame
a flame that lights your fire
a fire that keeps you whole



Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1993