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Eddie From Ohio


HoJo's on Waukegan

we pulled out from st. mary's
and peered out of the back
two hundred some odd waving hands
who don't expect us back
it didn't take us long
to find a place to eat
a fantasy of love and marriage-
a world of food and sleep

a ho jo's on Waukegan
is where it all began
everything (everything)
was going well
as well as the beetle ran
you count the red cars heading south
I'll count the blues due south
whoever racks the highest count
can tip the waitress out

we eat with just one hand
the other two are clasped
we're biding all the time in the world
let's hope the feelings last
a fifty-fifty shot
that one day we'll be back
let's hope the coffee still comes cold
and the toast is served up black


now we've got three decades on our belts
the same two wedding bands
we haven't killed each other yet
but eat with both our hands
you've gained a couple of pounds
I lost a little hair
a choked up waitress tears our check
when she finds out why we're there

a ho jo's on Waukegan
is where the bug remains
everything's (everything's) still going
fine underneath the weather vane
you count the blue cars headin' north
I'll count the reds due south
whoever racks the lowest count
can tip the waitress out


Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1993