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Eddie From Ohio


The Best of Me

from: Quick
On the outside, lookin in
Another world, what might have been
I see laughter & harmony
Loving couples, wish it was me

They're trying sushi, they're riding bikes
They dress the same way, the look alike
They have purpose & harmony
Those loving couples, wish it was me

And when they argue, it's tongue-in-cheek
Day after day, week after week
Live for each other, right from the start
It warms you over, it breaks my heart
It warms you over, it breaks my heart

Very accepting of each one's flaws
Very forgiving, without a pause
Synchronicity & harmony
Don't know how they passed over me

They're making babies, that turn out nice
Grow up with manners. They're so damn nice
They race on weekends in a potato sack
They love their children, they are loved back

Compromises are never hard
Their life reads like a Hallmark Card
They have nicknames, no one else knows
Like "Widgie" "Boopsie" & "Sausage Toes"

"Big Banana"- "Tuna Pants"
"Miss DeMeanie"- "Doctor Romance"
"Nude Crusader" & "Greg LeMond"
Initials "U.B." for "Unnatural Blond"
The letters "U.B." for "Unnatural Blond"

Loving couples, holding hands
shop & play hoops, making plans
Share a purpose, share a bed
Those loving couples, I wish they were dead

Loving couples, get away
Please go underground, till Groundhog Day
Oh, Great Contempt & Jealousy
Seems those two got the best of me
Seems those two got the best of me


Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 2001