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Eddie From Ohio


Hail Mary Shy of Redemption

daddy oh daddy
is that you behind the screen
I recognize some scratches
in this frame of olive green
now this old door has always
kept our family from harm
what would it take to unlock it
and find your outstretched arms

look at me it's your prodigal kid
but don't go and slaughter the calf
you've not seen the likes of me
for one year and a half
somehow bad breaks and big mistakes
have driven me to tears
my conscience aches I hope this makes
some sense to your fresh ears

look by me it's my roadtrip friend
and by the way my spouse
our occupation's travel and our chevy is our house
we dig the dead and just got wed
in vegas back in may
we don't do much to keep in touch
that's why I must say

you can yell at me and laugh
we'd argue till the dawn
you can pull my photographs
and throw them on the lawn
now you don't owe me
mister and I'm sure not your exemption
but I'm a buck twenty-five from bein broke
and a hail mary shy of redemption

look at me it's your second born
but don't go and slaughter the lamb
I just dropped by to say hello
and tell you how I am
some southbound deals
and makeshift meals
have led me to your door
could you arrange a fair exchange
for sleep upon your floor


buck twenty-five
is that you behind the screen
hail mary shy
the paint's a peelin on this olive green
buck twenty-five
a door that's kept our family from sin
hail mary shy
come and let your child in



Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1992