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Eddie From Ohio


Step into the Outside

queen Sophia wanders
in between these castle walls
says I can't go on living
my shadow chases me in
and through these castle halls
and still it's not forgiving
sure, I've got some jewels
and some pretty clothes
but there's no one here to see them
and if you were here
I'd find you in your lover's throes
singing' about your freedom

step into the outside
when the rain is falling down
step into the outside
take a breath before you drown
step into the outside
when you need a little lift
rub the sleep
from your bloodshot eyes
and step into the outside

sophia's got a notebook
of promises tucked away
all the things she's gonna do
and when
but now it's underneath her mattress
underneath her skin

Sophia says if I don't get out soon
I'll lose my mind
take me anywhere surprise me
but leave my suitors
and the secret service men behind
or else the crowds will recognize me
and then I'll have to smile and wave
blow kisses to their children
so quick get me a wig
and a pair of shades
and I'll be runnin for my freedom



Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1992