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Eddie From Ohio


Payday in the Village

now maria, she is a teller
down at the savings & loan
most of the days
she finds different ways
to kill time while she sits alone
but it's Tuesday and the fifteenth
tonight is the night of the bash
the workers of town plow the bank doors down
to get all their paychecks cashed

it's payday in the village
the house band is a playin
don't plan for tomorrow
cuz everybody's stayin

overnight at the pirate's patch
won't believe the buzz you'll catch
it don't come through drink
it don't come through smoke
it comes through the joy
of the village folk

now Alonzo, he is a foreman
up at the ferguson plant
from eight until four
he will shell out the chores
his laborers sulk cuz they can't
but it's mid-month and a Tuesday
tonight at the patch they'll be found
celebrated and vindicated
cuz Alonzo will pick up their rounds

devil trumpets blowin
angel choirs singin
don't call on the telephone
cuz we won't hear the ringin


now Alonzo and Maria,
meet about half past nine
he makes a deal to pick up the meal
if she will just pick up the wine
there's a big line at the nightclub
it winds down the neighborhood block
the manager thinks
and hopes they will drink
cuz he's kept twice the beer in stock


*dedicated to the village folk at bad habits grille in Arlington, Virginia


Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1992