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Eddie From Ohio


Margot Fonteyn

from: Big Noise
Margot Fonteyn
you're a dancing Eleanor
to and fro who would know
you ever touched the floor
Margot Fonteyn
know for now and evermore
you're looking great
in tights and bows
your palm contains
the front ten rows
you had the moves but no one knows
that your legs were touched by the hands of God
but your heart stands on its toes
yeah, your heart stands on its toes

Wheels of misfortune
a retired nurse down south
living on a memory
living hand to husband's mouth
when most call on a pension
and act senile and mean
you pirouette as Juliet
and look like you're eighteen


smallest things can cause a change
like a bullet to the spine
and who would know that wasn't planned
you act like it's all fine
should I need a private maid
would you please be mine?
roll me through your garden
and push me from behind


but this ain't how it happens
for queens and cavaliers
you know something we don't
your ending's not down here



Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1997