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Eddie From Ohio


I Don't Think I Know Me

from: Big Noise
Well I've always been faithful
to my dog and my wife
and I've always tried
to lead a responsible kind of life
and I always pay my utilities
and usually on time
and I mow the lawn on Saturdays
with a gin and tonic and a squeeze of lime
but yesterday I stole a car, took it for a drive
I didn't take it very far
just around the block
all right, a couple of times

I don't think I know me
as well as I thought I did
I don't think I know me
like I thought I did

well I've always believed
in every word that Jesus said
do unto others and you,
you will be Jesus led
and I've always attended
the Anglican church at the top of the hill
if I say all my prayers
I'll go to heaven
at least I pray that I will
but yesterday in my neighbor's yard
I stole my neighbor's bike
I don't intend to give that Harley back
it occurs to me
that ain't very Christian like


now I'm a good driver
I watch my speed and I check both ways
and my family takes picnics
to the park on warm weather holidays
and we ask all our neighbors
and they invite all their friends in kind
and they all bring side dishes
and we form one big holiday buffet line
but yesterday, Independence Day
at eighty-five miles an hour
I plowed that Harley through the buffet line
it occurs to me



Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1997