Eddie From Ohio




This February 3 marks our 30TH ANNIVERSARY. On that date in 1991, your fearless foursome (same members as today) played its first show on a Sunday eve in Arlington, Virginia. We originally had some pretty big plans for this occasion before COVID hit. We're sorry that the January Birchmere weekend didn't happen, but the August cruise is still on, until we hear otherwise. We're also optimistic for some re-bookings that you can see on our calendar listings for later in 2021.

In the meantime, with the help of our good Wisconsin friend, Scott Trezise, we are pleased to present a special 30th Anniversary Retrospective video. Five years ago, we loaded up Scott with a boxful of old VHS tapes containing EFO footage over the years. Just this past month, he miraculously compiled highlights in a beautiful reel of memories. We were inspired to then load him up with even more footage, and now give you EDDIE FROM OHIO - THROUGH THE YEARS. 139 Minutes in length, you'll see EFO highlights spanning the entire three decade stretch: 1991 early club dates including The Bayou; Our National Anthem(s) singing at Camden Yards in '02; a few news pieces; a variety of club and festival appearances all over the country & abroad. It's quite the time machine voyage, so buckle up!

You can view the EDDIE FROM OHIO - THROUGH THE YEARS, clicking HERE. (https://youtu.be/6daKZtbuVjY)

If you don't have 139 minutes to spare, you might be interested in the Overture Montage
You can view EDDIE FROM OHIO - THIRTY YEARS IN FIVE MINUTES, clicking HERE. (https://youtu.be/JBk-3jKKb7oz)